BWCA Knives, Compasses, and Tools


      We have all the tools you will need to make your BWCA trip great. Knives, camp saws, axes, compasses, water filters and more. There are few must have essentials that you will need to make your BWCA trip successful. You will need to gear to be able to make a fire, gather water, see a night and navigate.

      We recommend bringing a headlamp, camp saw, fire starter, compass, and a knife. Headlamps are versatile and can be used as a flashlight and a makeshift lantern in the tent. A compact folding camp saw will allow you to break down small fallen trees and branches to make fire wood. Bring multiple ways to start a fire and light your camp stove just in case the other gets lost or fails. You will need a compass will help to know what direction you are heading in correlation to your map. A camp knife is a versatile tool that will allow to cut things while you out in the wilderness.