BWCA Bags and Cases


      We carry a nice curated selection of Dry Bags, Portage Packs, Day packs, Stuff Sacks, and Waterproof Cases, all essential to a successful Boundary Waters trip. Consider how many portages you are planning to do and how many days you are planning to be in the park before selecting a pack. The longer the trip the bigger the portage pack you will need, we recommend going as light possible so you only have to do one trip on each portage. Always bring a day pack so you can bring the essentials/personal items with you on your day trips or while traveling between lakes. Keep your sleeping bags, clothes, and things you don't want wet in dry bags or use bag liners in your canoe/portage pack.

      General guideline for pack size per person:

      Weekend Trips: 40L-50L

      3-5 Day Trips: 50L-70L

      Extended 5+ Day Trips: 70L+