BWCA Camp Kitchen Supplies


      All our backpacking stoves, coolers, containers, utensils, and cookware is expertly curated for camp cooking in the Boundary Waters. A few things to consider when selecting gear for your camp kitchen, what type of food are you planning to cook? Are you going to be portaging? If you aren't going to be portaging you can bring any thing you want (we brought a portable pizza oven on a trip once...).

      Dry food campers all you need is a water boiling kit. If you are planning on eating real food we recommend bring a backing stove for boiling water + pots and pans for cooking over the fire; eat your perishables that need to stay cold first. It is a tradition for us to bring steak for our first meal, we also pack our cooler with frozen juice or water instead of ice. 

      When storing your food make sure to store it in either a bear safe container or hang it in a tree, the last thing you want is a bear eating all your food. Also no snacking in the tent! We have had mice eat holes into our tent at night to going after crumbs.