Walleye Lure Color Guide

When choosing the right color bait for fishing for Walleye there are a lot of options available, and it can be overwhelming to choose right color that is best for your situation. In this guide we will make it easy for you to choose the perfect bait color to catch more walleye. First off there are a few questions you will want to ask yourself. What is the water clarity? Is it sunny or cloudy? What time of day is it? What type of forage is in the body of water you are fishing? Each of these factors will make a big difference on what color walleye bait you will want to choose.

Water clarity

Water clarity will have a big impact on what color you want to pick. In clear water conditions you will want to do your best to “match the hatch” and pick a color the closely resembles the forage walleye will be feeding on like minnows or perch. In dirty water conditions you will either want to use a dark colored bait like black or purple to resemble the silhouette of a bait fish or a very flashy color that will stick out like chartreuse, pink, orange, or lime. Mixing and matching a dark color and flashy color also works well too like purple and chartreuse.

Weather and light conditions

Weather and time of day also factor in choosing bait color for walleyes. During sunny days with bright light conditions, you will want to reach for more natural realistic colors because walleye will able to see better. In low light conditions like cloudy days or morning/evening light you will want to use darker baits to represent the silhouette of a baitfish or brighter more vibrant colors to have the baits pop out.

Forage for Walleye

You will want to know what walleyes are eating in the body of water you are fishing to have the best success. There is a reason why people always talk about “matching the hatch”. Likely if you are fishing any lakes or rivers in the Midwest the forage will be either some type of minnow or small fish like perch, bass, or bluegill. You couldn’t go wrong with a pearl or muted green color if you don’t know what you have in your body of water.

Night Fishing for Walleye Colors

Picking the right color for walleye night fishing is key to filling your limit. You will want to use either dark colors that will produce a silhouette in the moon light like black or purple or something flashy that will be easily seen from a distance like light chartreuse, pink, lime or UV glow in the dark colors.

Walleye Color Quick Guide

Sunny with clear water: Natural bait colors

Sunny with dirty water: Bright colors like chartreuse or white

Cloudy/low light with clean water: Natural bait colors, dark colors like black/green, white, chartreuse

Cloudy with dirty water: Vibrant color combinations like pink, chartreuse, lime, and orange. Dark colors like black and purple.