BWCA Water Filtration and Water Bottles

How should I filter my water in the BWCA?

Make sure to always bring a way to make clean water in the BWCA. Though the water looks clean, like most sources of fresh water it contains bacteria that could make you stick. I prefer using a bagged gravity water filtration system like the Gravity Befree Microfilter. It is nice because you can store your water and filter it at the same time.  If you happen to forget your water filter bring your water to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute if you can.

What water bottle should I bring to the BWCA?

As long as it stores water it works. Any water bottle will do but I recommend going for something with a higher capacity so you don’t run out if you are out fishing or on a day trip if you are base camping. I personally prefer an insulated bottle because I like my water cold and it takes longer for it to go stale.

How do you get cold water in the BWCA?

If you really like your water cold, I recommend paddling out and getting your water from the middle of the lake in summertime, it will be cooler. We have also sunk water bottles by a rope and rock in the middle of the lake when it’s been extremely hot, if you do this make sure you have a way to get your water bottle back!